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The KEC is an electromagnetic power factor optimization device that reduces the amount of non-productive current in your existing electrical system. It helps to significantly reduce electric demand and energy generated by the utility companies.

Over 200,000 units installed, KVAR now is available in UAE BY SILVERSTAR CONTRACTING & GENERAL MAINTENANCE CO. located in Abu Dhabi eqipped with an expert trained team to solve all your energy waste from costing you anymore.

The KVAR EC acts as an attenuator against line surges as well as spikes caused by internal wiring problems, loose connections and fluctuating demand. It also provides additional support energy for when large loads turn on. If you noticed a dimming effect when certain equipment turns on, the dimming effect may be reduced or completely eliminated.

KVAR EC Benefits

KEC fine tunes electrical systems to reduce non-productive and wasted electricity, giving you cost-effective energy!

  • ◉ Saving the planet... One Electric Meter at a Time
  • ◉ Expected Savings of 6%-25%
  • ◉ ROI average is 18-36 months or less
  • ◉ Savings are immediate & guaranteed
  • ◉ Increases motor and appliance life
  • ◉ Reduces carbon footprint
  • ◉ 200,000+ Units installed
  • ◉ 12 Year Residential Warranty
  • ◉ U.S. Patented, NASA Tested, UL Listed, RoHS, Cleaner & Greener Certified, CSA Approved

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